For the Sexually Sovereign Woman

Seasonal teachings meet practices for self knowledge, womb wisdom and sex magic to support the flourishing of all faces and phases of the feminine.

Welcome Sister,

ALL of you is celebrated here.

This is a place where you will discover your body as temple and experience life, in its natural unfolding, as your greatest power source

Evoke is The Artemis School's new online mystery school for the sexually sovereign woman.  

ALIGN - with the sacred pulse of life and your deepest truth.
Live in relationship with the rhythms of the seasons, the moon, your emotional intelligence and your body.

TURN ON - Learn the art of self cultivation and become your own best lover.

FIND FREEDOM - Become the mistress of your own domain. Strengthen your boundaries and your voice.

CONNECT - to your creative life force, your soul's deepest longing and the sacred mystery in all things.

BECOME SOVEREIGN - Know your body, know yourself and powerfully co-create your life every step of the way.