Artemis School Certified Practitioners

Below is a list of independent practitioners certified as Sex Educators and Practitioners of Women's Holistic Sexuality by The Artemis School. Each of these practitioners completed:

  • Over 100 hours of group and independent study

  • Three live, in-person Artemis School modules

  • Training in the Elemental Body™ method of restorative core strengthening

  • Case studies with clients and/or documentation of teaching and curriculum development

  • An individual research project on an area of interest in women’s sexual wellness

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Melissa Brooke

Pre/Postnatal Movement
+ Sexual Wellness
Agoura Hills, CA & Virtual Worldwide

Melissa Brooke is a certified Sex Educator and Practitioner of Women’s Holistic Sexuality, Postpartum Educator, Prenatal, Postpartum, & Restorative Yoga Teacher, and postpartum doula. Melissa works with women in all phases of life, including young women and teens, and has extensive training in supporting postpartum women to restore core and pelvic floor wellness.

Prior to her immersion into holistic wellness, Melissa’s academic interests led her to pursue a B.A. in English and a Master’s in Education. Melissa managed the Middle School Sexual Health Education Program at Planned Parenthood LA and worked as a health educator at UCLA, allowing her to interact with a diverse range of adolescents, college students, and adults. With her teaching experience and background in yoga and holistic sexuality, Melissa offers a symbiotic combination of embodied movement and women’s health support to her students.

Inside every woman is a powerhouse of intuitive knowledge, wisdom, and vitality, and Melissa’s greatest mission is to empower women to access the wealth of vibrancy and wholeness they already possess. 


Emily Athena

Holistic Movement
+ Sexual Wellness

Ashland, OR & Virtual Worldwide

Emily Athena is an innovative synthesizer of movement modalities, known for supporting her students to discover a physical state of flow that offers a profound connection to self and spirit.

A lifelong student of dance, Emily began studying ballet at the age of four and has traveled internationally with a professional performance and teaching career for over a decade.  She is a former celebrity fitness trainer and has studied with leaders in the fields of dance, fitness, somatic therapies, pelvic floor health and holistic sexual education. Emily holds a BFA in Contemporary Dance from The North Carolina School of the Arts, Pilates certification, and is a certified sex educator through The Artemis School.

Her passion is to empower others through the universal language of dance and holistic health and sovereignty education.  

Celina Wigle

Sexual Wholeness Guide
Manhattan, NY & Virtual Worldwide

Hello! I am a Postpartum Doula and Sexual Wholeness Guide with a background in genetics, bioethics, and infant and child development. I am a proud graduate of the Artemis School of Women’s Sexual Sovereignty and life long student and journeyer on the path of healing and wholeness.

My practice is present to service times of transition including but not limited to transitioning onto or off of hormonal conception control, emerging following a pregnancy experience, moving into or out of relationships, and the powerful moment of motion when one chooses to step towards an unknown.

I live in and practice from the belief that our sexual energy is an integral part of ourselves and, when activated in its wholeness, can be a great source of creative energy and power.

How may I support you?         

Jessica Lipinski

Movement for Mothers + Moon Rhythm Guide
Morgan Hill, CA & Virtual Worldwide

Jessica brings a playful and grounded awareness to her offerings while emphasizing presence and self-acceptance. With a strong foundation in alignment based yoga, motherhood initiated her into a new realm of offerings. Awakening to a deep inner knowing of the ancient feminine within, she dove into many avenues of study to be able to support other women through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. While in her trainings, Jessica experienced the value of circling with other women and started leading moon circles. Her curiosity lead her down a more expansive path and Jessica graduated from the The Artemis School for Women’s Sexual Sovereignty and works with women through all stages of life. She is currently working towards her certification as a peristeam hydrotherapist. Jessica believes in the power of women coming together. She lives to inspire others to embody this life, create art and ritual, and connect deeply within and without.

The Artemis School Founder

Lara Catone

Social Artist & Midwife of Eros
Portland, OR & Virtual Worldwide

Lara Catone is a writer, leadership coach, educator, and researcher of eros. All of her work is devoted to culture creation that fosters justice, equality, dignity, beauty, collaborative power, epic love, and a thriving earth. 

Lara has facilitated diverse groups of youth and adults for 20 years through transformative and experiential education. She maintained a private women’s sexual wellness practice in Los Angeles for nine years. She is known as an innovator in somatic (body-based) healing and learning and for creating powerfully engaging, alchemical group spaces.  

Lara is the founder of The Artemis School for Women's Sexual Sovereignty, offering training and certification for health practitioners and sex educators. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership.  

Lara lives in Portland, OR as an independent woman resourced through a constellation of life-enhancing relationships and the forest.