What is the difference between Evoke Mystery School and the certification or modules?

Evoke Mystery School is completely online and open to all women. It is a deep personal journey and is not a training or certification program. Enrollment for the Evoke Mystery School is open now through February 3.

The certification program is a training and there are three required modules that take place in person as well as additional coursework throughout the year. Each module has its own specific content and curriculum.  An application is required for the certification program and for individual modules. All students enrolled in the certification program are also enrolled in Evoke Mystery School.

If you go a la carte style and take individual modules, Evoke is not included, you would need to enroll in Evoke as a separate offering.

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If I apply to the full certification program do I have to complete all modules and requirements this year?



Can I take individual modules?

Yes, you can apply for and take individual modules. In 2017 preference will be given to students that are committing to the full certification program.  Available space for individual modules will be based upon any spaces left after the full certification program is filled.  If you are interested in the first module of the year, Initiate, we recommend you apply early so that you can be added to the waitlist.  Registration for the single Initiate module will begin in early February.


If I take a single module can I apply it toward the certification program in a future year?

Probably.  In 2018 we will be updating our curriculum, it is highly likely that the general content of the three modules--Initiate, Thrive and Nurture--will be very similar and that your module will carry over and apply to your full certification. However, if there is a significant change with the content or structure of your module it may not transfer so we are not making any guarantees at this time.


Do I have to take the modules in any particular order?

No, not at this time.  In 2017 each module is offered once.


Is there a payment plan?
Yes, you can choose to pay monthly for modules and the certification program.  Payment for each module must be completed 30 days prior to the module start date.

There are no payment plans for Evoke Mystery School, you must be paid in full at registration.


Where is The Artemis School?

In 2017 all Artemis School in person modules are held in Ojai, CA approximately 80 miles north of Los Angeles.  All modules are a residential retreat and room and board are included in your tuition.  


Will you ever offer these classes online?

Our Virtual Mystery School is now here and is a deep personal year long journey and completely online!

There are certain transmissions, experiences and magic that can only happen when we come together in person. The certification program will always have an in person, embodied component.  


Can I bring my children or family to the module?

We do not have space for additional family or children onsite at the module.  Breastfeeding moms can consider having their family stay offsite--all costs and arrangements for this are the responsibility of the student.  Babies are welcome to visit for breastfeeding during the day.  


Who teaches at The Artemis School?

Artemis School creatrix Lara Catone teaches the virtual mystery school and the majority of the content at all of the modules. Artemis School Lead Assistant Teachers (graduates of the certification and apprentice programs) also guide small sections of content and embodied experiences. Guest teachers generally speak from 90 minutes to two hours with the exception of the Initiate module where we will have a full day intensive with Laura Larriva Page.


Do you offer scholarships?

There is one scholarship awarded each year for a student that works with underserved populations.  The scholarship covers all program learning materials and content.  The student will be responsible for room, board and travel.  The 2017 scholarship application is open through January 25.  Apply here.

Occasionally partial scholarships become available.

If you'd like to contribute to our scholarship fund and support students to receive access to this education, please contact us.