Why Culture Needs Rites of Passage - Women's First Blood Ceremony

Contemporary western culture is plagued by stunted growth. Most people do not develop beyond an adolescent level of developmental capacity and relationship--as we see mirrored in politics, the president and media. We are missing the transmission of knowledge by true elders as well as rites and rituals that mark our thresholds of growth and transformation. 

In this teaching excerpt from The Artemis School's Evoke Virtual Mystery School Lara Catone explains how rites of passage work on the BodyMind level to help us integrate new versions of ourselves and leverage our true potential. I speak specifically to a woman's menarche, or first blood ceremony, for supporting us in authentic sexual expression. 

The Evoke Mystery School is open for enrollment one more time from now until October 31. 

Evoke guides you through a year long journey of reclaiming feminine wisdom through the wheel of the earth's seasons and moon cycles.

At each threshold you step through an opportunity to bring new meaning, more power and sacred integration to the entire spectrum of your life experiences as a woman.

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